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        Rotary Drilling Rig

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        SANYSR360IIRotary Drilling Rig

        1. SANY SR360II Rotary Drilling Rig

        Transport length17686mmTransport height3631mmTransport width3000mmTraction force700kNTotal weight120t……

        XCMGXG450D Diaphragm Wall GrabRotary Drilling Rig

        2. XCMG XG450D Diaphragm Wall Grab Rotary Drilling Rig

        - Adopt the drilling rig chassis made with XCMG’s mature technique and the stout box-type arm frame, which are quite stable. Thewinch adopts the layout of single rope with frontwinch and rear winch, attached with advanced electrical a……

        ZoomlionZR250ARotary Drilling Rig

        4. Zoomlion ZR250A Rotary Drilling Rig

        1、Master Winch mounted on the lowest part of mast make observation of Rope running quite convenient. 2、Lincoln centralized lubricating system ,Main lubricating points auto regular maintenance.3. CumminsQSL9 supercharged medium-cooled ……

        YutongYTR260BRotary Drilling Rig

        5. Yutong YTR260B Rotary Drilling Rig

        YTR series rotary drilling rig absorbs the advantages of domestic and foreign famous brand products in design and techniques whose major performance parameter has reached international level of the similar product and whose components all a……

        DINGSHENGDT222Rotary Drilling Rig

        6. DINGSHENG DT222 Rotary Drilling Rig

        Pile driving machinery is the construction machinery designed to drive piles into soil to provide foundation support for buildings or other structures. It is widely used in the construction of high-rise buildings, highways, airports, ports,……

        YuchaiYCR260Rotary Drilling Rig

        7. Yuchai YCR260 Rotary Drilling Rig

        Performance Parameters ProjectParametersChassis Engine Type Cummins QSM11-C330Engine Power/Speed 246/2100Crawler Expansion Width (From The Outside) 4400Crawler Board Width800Traction Force520Power HeadMax. Output Torque 260Power Head Speed ……

        LiebherrLB 36Rotary Drilling Rig

        8. Liebherr LB 36 Rotary Drilling Rig

        Operating weight115 tMax. torque366 kNmEngine output350 kWMax. drilling depth88 mMax. drilling diameter3,000 mm……

        ShantuiSER22Rotary Drilling Rig

        9. Shantui SER22 Rotary Drilling Rig

        The Company’s diversification took another big leap with this behemoth. The Shantui SER22 Rotary Drilling Rig is a pile driving machine which can be used on construction sites with pile foundations for pouring to meet all pouring and pile……

        SANYSR280RIIRotary Drilling Rig

        10. SANY SR280RII Rotary Drilling Rig

        Transport width3000mmTransport height3600mmTraction force510KNTotal weight(with standard Kelly)78ton……

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