I began blogging in 2002.  Back then I was in love and had a really boring office job which made blogging a whole lot easier.  Most of the posts were about how so-and-so wore this or how much I loved my boyfriend or the fight we had about his stupid dog (no you can't read that blog). My blog was like a personal diary, only a personal diary that I left open on my pillow for the entire world to read.

Shortly after that, life became complicated when I found myself pregnant, then a mother, and then alone.  Now I use my blog as a personal therapy session.  Each post represents how I am feeling that day, so it's not always rainbows and unicorns, but it is my true feelings.  So beware!

Currently I live in the beautiful city of London, Ontario Canada with my school-aged son. I work full-time in an office (this time not a boring office!).


Hello There...
I am... a bit of a nerd.
I keep... to myself.
I wish I could...transform into the Evil T1000
I love....Optimus Prime
I dance...Kind of like a pair of scissors
I sing... Cher songs
I think... I have a bad obsession with Will Ferrell movies
I really... Like fake moustaches
I need... A martini
I should... Go get a martini
I can...Start the lawn mower like a champ
I like... Fat cats and cleaning my ears
I make... Hissy fits
I always... Like it when people leave me comments! 


Hello There...
I am... good at losing teeth.
I keep... candy wrappers hidden in my dresser
I wish I could...eat chocolate and play Mario all day
I love....playing the Wii
I dance... pretty awesomely
I sing... the sappy songs my mom plays in the car
I think... I know everything (and I probably do)
I really... like to talk.  A lot.
I need... some new splash pants
I should... stop playing Wii so much
I can... almost read!
I like... chocolate and Mario games
I make... fantastic artwork
I always... talk

-The man that fathered my child
- The man who was my best friend
-The man who I saw myself with forever and ever
-The man who changed my life 
-The man who peacefully took his last breath right before my eyes

EVILFLU has been awarded the following wonderful awards.  Maybe one day I will get so many that I will have to make up a whole entire page dedicated to them.  It would have a background with cats. I don't know why I told you that.  Now someone is probably going to go ahead and make an awards page with a cat background. Me and my big mouth!