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        Crawler Excavator

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        DOOSANZX120-3Crawler Excavator

        1. DOOSAN ZX120-3 Crawler Excavator

        Model Code ZX120-3 Engine Rated Power 69 kW (93 HP) Operating Weight 12 100 - 13 200 kg Backhoe Bucket SAE, PCSA Heaped : 0.19 - 0.66 m3CECE Heaped : 0.17 - 0.55 m3 ……


        2. Zoomlion ZE230LC Excavator

        A、Introduction of Performance Characteristics The spacious operation range of the extra long boom excavator embodies far-reaching construction purpose and it is mainly used for dredging of river channels and lakes, demolition of buildings……

        LishideSC200.8Crawler Excavator

        3. Lishide SC200.8 Crawler Excavator

        Lishide SC200.8H excavator adopts internationally advanced engine and hydraulic system and achieves the optimal balance of high capability and low fuel consumption. Strong power and quick movement bring excellent efficiency. Reasonable mach……

        HitachiEX8000-6Crawler Excavator

        4. Hitachi EX8000-6 Crawler Excavator

        Engine rated power (kW) DIN 6271, net 1 400.0 x 2 Operating weight (kg) 811 000 Bucket capacity (m3) SAE, PCSA Heaped) 40.0 Max. digging depth (mm) 13 800 Bucket digging force (kN) ISO 2 230.0……

        Liugong936LCCrawler Excavator

        5. Liugong 936LC Crawler Excavator

        Comfortable and convenient operation environment1. Comfortable and spacious cab2. Convenient and easy to read instrument panel3. Pilot control joystick4. System self-monitoring and fault alarmOpen center negative control hydraulic system.1.……

        XCMGXE230CCrawler Excavator

        6. XCMG XE230C Crawler Excavator

        Model XE230C Bucket capacity m3 1.0 Standard bucket width mm 1,260 Operation wei……

        VOLVOTC16Crawler Excavator

        7. VOLVO TC16 Crawler Excavator

        Hydraulic SystemDual fixed displacement pump with cover switch. Load-independent flow division (LUDV) for all work functions and travel drive. Simultaneous independent control of 3 movements.Cab *OptionalSpacious, sound-insulated full-visio……

        TerexTC210LCCrawler Excavator

        8. Terex TC210LC Crawler Excavator

        Operating Weight: 22.2 t Engine Power: 104 KW (139 hp) Engine: Deutz BF6M2012, 6-cylinder liquid-cooled turbocharged diesel engine, 2200 r.p.m. Hydraulics: Single-circuit AWE 4 hydraulic system with electronic load limit control and infinit……

        SANYSY465CCrawler Excavator

        9. SANY SY465C Crawler Excavator

        Operating weight45575kgTrack width750mmSwing Speed9.5rpm……

        XGMAXG833Crawler Excavator

        10. XGMA XG833 Crawler Excavator

        I. Advanced ESS electronic control system makes the hydraulic system fully utilize the power of engine to improve the working efficiency and save fuel. The machine can work in H (fast mode), S (economic mode) and L (fine mode) to satisfy di……

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