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        Wheel Loader

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        DOOSANDL503Wheel Loader

        1. DOOSAN DL503 Wheel Loader

        From the beginning, Doosan has had great concern for machine operators. People need to work in a well-designed and comfortable environment. The work area is spacious, with several places for storage. The checking and monitoring devices are ……

        HitachiZW550Wheel Loader

        2. Hitachi ZW550 Wheel Loader

        Engine rated power (kW), net 360.0 Operating weight (kg) 46 210 Bucket capacity (m3) ISO Heaped 6.0 - 10.0 Breakout force (kN)* 376.0 *General purpose bucket: 6.8 with bolt-on edges……

        LishideL 509Stereo Wheel Loader

        3. Lishide L 509 Stereo Wheel Loader

        Tipping load4,225 kgBucket capacity1.1 - 2.0 m3Operating weight6,080 kgEngine output60 kW/82 hp(ISO 9249)……

        FangyuanWS75Wheel Loader

        4. Fangyuan WS75 Wheel Loader

        Description: the machine with Original Perkins Engine, with optional of different attachment for different working EngineModelPerkins 804D-33TRated power (hp)75HP(55.2KW)Rotation speed (rpm)2500CoolingwaterSteering controls2leversPerformanc……

        ForwayWL35Wheel Loader

        5. Forway WL35 Wheel Loader

        Operating weight2200kgsMax.lifting force2500kgsTipping load when horizontal shovel/pallet fork1147kgs/850kgsTipping load when articulated shovel/pallet fork941kgs/715(45°) 936/704(47°)Shovel capacity0.3-0.48cbmBreak-off force2702daNEngine……

        VOLVOL350FWheel Loader

        6. VOLVO L350F Wheel Loader

        L350F is a wheel loader that never compromises. It is a complete whole where the machine, the lift arm system, and the attachment together make up a dynamic unit, a solid combination of power and intelligence. It’s fast, smooth, and stabl……

        LiugongCLG888IIWheel Loader

        7. Liugong CLG888II Wheel Loader

        EngineCumminsGross Power235 KW ( 315 hp ) @ 2,100 rpmNet Power212 KW ( 284 hp ) @ 2,200 rpmOperating Weight30,000 kgStandard Bucket Size4.5 m3Standard Breakout Force260 kNStandard Dump Clearance3,300 mm……

        LonkingCDM 835EWheel Loader

        8. Lonking CDM 835E Wheel Loader

        Large loaderCDM835EfeaturesPowerful DF Cummins Engine.Pilot Control System.Automatic Leveling.ROPS/FOPS Cabin with Panoramic View.Easy maintenance.CDM 835E is configured with Cummins engine of Euro 2 emission criterion. And the overall desi……

        洛建CDM825TWheel Loader

        9. 洛建 CDM825T Wheel Loader

        Standard equipments:Optional equipmentsShantui TransmissionLog Grapple(j)Liangyu Axle Light-duty Grapple(ZZ)Standard Bucket……

        LiebherrL 580LogHandler Wheel Loader

        10. Liebherr L 580 LogHandler Wheel Loader

        The Liebherr L 580 wheel loader in LogHandler format has been developed especially for operations in the timber handling sector. The newly designed lifting gear means that the logs can be taken up from above at a great height, which makes t……

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