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        Truck Crane

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        ZoomlionQY120V633Truck Cranep

        1. Zoomlion QY120V633 Truck Cranep

        ZOOMLION QY120V truck crane is a fine-performed and high-reliable product which combines our company many years’ manufacturing experience in mobile cranes with advanced international technologies for meeting the market demand. This high-t……

        XCMGQAY400Truck Crane

        2. XCMG QAY400 Truck Crane

        The product adopts 7-axle all terrain chassis, 5-segment oval-section jib, and single-cylinder no-rope automatic stretch and retract system. It has optional self-loading and unloading super-lift device, fixed extension jib, and luffing jib……

        SANYSAC2200Crawler Crane

        3. SANY SAC2200 Crawler Crane

        Max.rated lifting weight220tMin.rated radius3mTelescoping time of boom550sElevation time of boom60sMax.turning speed1.8r/min……

        KATONK-550VR(EUROⅢ)Truck Crane

        4. KATO NK-550VR(EUROⅢ) Truck Crane

        Model Max. lifting capacity [t] Max. boom length [m] Max. lifting height Jib length [m] (with jib)[m] NK-550VR(EUROⅢ)new 55 43 43(58) 9.2,15……

        ManitowocYB7725Truck Crane

        5. Manitowoc YB7725 Truck Crane

        Features25 USt (22,7 t) capacity71 ft (21,6 m) four-section boom15 Ust (13,6 t) deck carrying capacity17 ft (5,2 m) offsettable swingaway extension130 bhp Cummins QSB4.L (Tier III) diesel engineTilt steering wheelDeluxe operator’s cab wit……

        ZoomlionQY100H-3Truck Cranep

        6. Zoomlion QY100H-3 Truck Cranep

        QY100H-3 truck crane,the 3rd generation of 100t truck crane introduced by Zoomlion recently,has represented the most advanced technology level in heavy-duty truck crane in China. It boasts such advantages as elegant appearance, graceful……

        XCMGQY25K5Truck Crane

        7. XCMG QY25K5 Truck Crane

        Classificatory Item Unit Parameter Outline dimension Overall length mm 12000 Overall wid……

        SANYSTC1000Crawler Crane

        8. SANY STC1000 Crawler Crane

        Max. lifting weight100tMin. working radius3mOverall length15961mmOverall width3000mmOverall height3907mm……

        KATONK-550VRTruck Crane

        9. KATO NK-550VR Truck Crane

        Model Max. lifting capacity [t] Max. boom length [m] Max. lifting height Jib length [m] (with jib)[m] NK-550VR 55 43 43(58) 9.2,15……

        ManitowocYB4411Truck Crane

        10. Manitowoc YB4411 Truck Crane

        FeaturesThree-section full-power boomPivoting boom headQuick reeve nose and tacklePowershift transmissionCompact 6 ft. 7 in. wide dimension……

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