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        Trailer-Mounted Concrete Pump

        Product Center
        SANYHBT120A-1613DTrailer-Mounted Concrete Pump

        5. SANY HBT120A-1613D Trailer-Mounted Concrete Pump

        Length (L)7860mmWidth(W)2376mmHeight (H)3050mmWeight13000kg……

        SDLGHBT90C-2016DTrailer-Mounted Concrete Pump

        7. SDLG HBT90C-2016D Trailer-Mounted Concrete Pump

        Length (L)7430mmWidth (W)2075mmHeight (H)2628mmWeight6800kg……

        Ca-longCLT-80Towed concrete pump

        9. Ca-long CLT-80 Towed concrete pump

        Main Features: 1. Two series products are available: electric motor and diesel oil motor. 2. World famous suppliers guarantee the stability and reliability. 3. Advanced “S” valve distribution system, floating flow ring could compensate ……

        ShantuiHJC5320THB 45MTrailer-Mounted Concrete Pump

        10. Shantui HJC5320THB 45M Trailer-Mounted Concrete Pump

        While Chutian is an older established brand, Shantui immediately began to implement its superior manufacturing processes and know-how to the Chutian production lines. The result is a company that is now poised to take over the 3th position ……

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