When it stops being okay...

The final straw was when there was physical contact. 
I was pushed. 
I reacted.  
I realized this is not how I want my children to see me.  

Fighting for what I know is right with someone who is so clouded is exhausting.  
Missing my family. 
Events ruined because of the habits. 
I stopped fighting.

I was a strong person.  
I lived through the death of the person I loved the most.  
I survived years of anger and darkness.
I thought I was cured. 
I didn’t deserve this. 
Where is my happily ever after?

I don’t want to be in this office.  
I didn’t want to spend the entire day dragging a baby all over to protect her from him
I am a widower, a single parent and now a victim. 

The aftermath is frustrating. 

I want my life back, but I wasn’t even living. 
The system makes me feel like the victim all over again. 
Something so simple is near impossible to achieve.  
And I am alone. Again. 

I used to be stronger than this. 

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