Mother's Day 2016...

As a single parent, Mother's Day is rough.  I'm going to be completely honest (and sound like a selfish asshole) but I am jealous of all you moms out there who get pampered all day or get breakfast in bed or even some flowers or a gift card. 

I know it's a real jerk thing to say, but I am always disappointed on Mother's Day and every year I go out to the privacy of my car and cry about it because it just makes me realize that being a single parent is hard and on a day when everyone else in the world is celebrating with their family, I am jealous and angry that I feel jealous. It's a vicious cycle really. 

This year we were invited to a Mother's Day picnic which was a really nice change (maybe it should be a tradition). I got to eat food that I didn't have to prepare (except for the Ultimate Caesar Salad - it's kind of my thing now), got to hang out with people who weren't moody 12 year olds and I didn't have to nag anyone to get off the PlayStation.  I think it was a pretty decent day after all! 

Oh and my big kid let me take a selfie with him where he wasn't making a goofy face! 

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