Always the Victim...

I am so stubborn.
Sometimes that's not such a bad quality to have.
I stand my ground.
I am loyal.
but sometimes being stubborn holds me back.

I know this situation is wrong.
It's just so wrong.
...but my heart wants me to fight.

I'm tired.
I'm spiraling.
I can't remember feeling this lost - ever.

I gave up the last 9.5 years of my life - because I was unhappy.
and now I can't get over the loss.
I am in mourning.

I lost my "family".
I lost my confidence.
I am sensitive.
I pushed people away.
I lost myself...

and I'm scared.

I want my old shitty life back.
I want to feel special again.

I want to be sheltered.
and to feel like myself.

 Broken Heart Mix

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