When There is an "I" in Your Team...

I love being a part of a team.
Mostly because I am a major follower. 
I am inspired by leadership roles, but I'm too apprehensive to be a leader.
I've known this ever since I was excluded from those leadership field trips they had in school.
You know what, I'm a pretty awesome follower anyway.

Being a part of a team means you are a supporter.
You have a sense of pride.
You are treated as a respected equal.
You expect that your ideas are taken seriously.
You should feel safe.

When you are an "I" of the team you feel like you are superior to your peers.
You shoot down ideas because they aren't your own.
You feel like everybody is against you.
Your time is much more important
You walk by a light switch - twice - and don't bother to turn it on

People who are affected by the "I" of the team shut down.
They don't feel supported.
Their sense of pride is depleted.
They feel like everyone is against them.

Don't be an "I".
It just makes the team look like a bunch of jerks.

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