That's me in the corner...

I guess I've never really been the life of the party.
I attempted it a time or two. The night usually ended with too much to drink, smeared makeup and accessories that made me look like a Kindergarten classroom Christmas tree. It was awkward and weird. Good times.

Me being the "life of the party"
As I age, I find I've become more of a corner type. You'll find me there with a couple good friends, hoping nobody will notice my nervous hand wringing or my crooked smile. I have a good time in the corner.  I drink socially and talk about things like puppies and the X-Files Revival. I meet new people, and get this, I actually remember their names the next day! Sometimes we even become Facebook friends.  It's magical. Also magical: not having my eyes glued shut from sleeping in glitter mascara.

A lot of people won't remember me even being at the party.  I might show up in a photo or two (awkwardly of course). I might be remembered as the girl who made an awkward comment or two out loud (usually about the time my mom sold dildos).  I might not be remembered at all - but I worked on relationships. I learned some things and I woke up without glitter in my eyes. It may not seem like it, but I had a great time!

I'm not saying that being the life of the party is wrong. It's okay to be glittery and fun every once in a while.  It's just hard to make lasting friendships while you are beer chugging and adjusting your push up bra.


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