This has been the hardest birthday letter I have ever had to write to you. As a parent, a single parent, this has been the most challenging year, so far, of our relationship. First of all, you grew a mustache. I was not ready for your personality to change, and I most certainly wasn't ready to see you grow up right before my eyes.  Your dad had a mustache when he was young. He told me it helped him to buy beer for him and all his friends.  I know I don't have to worry about you though. One thing I know about you is that you always do the right thing. You have saved me a lot of anxiety knowing that you will always try to do the right thing.

I am so very lucky to have you in my life.  There is never anything I can say that is more true than I am so lucky to have you.  Even though sometimes I get frustrated, please know that I would never change a thing. You keep my eyes open, you make me laugh when I need it and you remind me to love when I feel like being angry. We have grown together - we will always be growing together and I thank you for making growing older so easy.

This year, you became even more independent - which is really a blessing for a single parent to have - a child who is very independent. Well, you would think so anyway, until I find out you have used my good Tupperware to cook your breakfast eggs in - three days in a row. Other than that, I can count on you to pack a proper lunch, make yourself a snack after school and keep your room tidy (somewhat).  With all these duties off my plate, I have so much more time to focus on myself and work on making our lives better.  It's a blessing - minus the stained Tupperware.

You began to realize the value of money and that we cannot afford to have the best of everything. Instead of pouting about it (like I often do) you come up with numerous ways you could contribute to the household.  This year you had a paper route and earned your own money.  You soon realized that paper routes are hard and that you wouldn't be able to do it. It was your first taste of real work responsibilities and you failed. You tried, you weren't ready for such a big responsibility. Although I didn't understand at first, I soon realized that the most important thing is you learned. You learned earning money is hard and you learned that delivering papers to 186 houses was just impossible to do on your own.  I honestly don't know what your next big venture will be - just please don't ask to deliver papers ever again!

Your friends mean the world to you, and I absolutely love that about you.  You think about their feelings and try to be fair. You listen to their interests and often point out things that they would like. You are a great friend and I see you having many great lasting friendships throughout your whole life. 

This year you were very much in to Lego and Marvel Superheroes and Lego Marvel Superheroes, Minecraft, YouTubers, Playstation, and inventing new recipes. Not much has changed in your interests from previous years.  That's okay, you're figuring out what you really like at this age and sticking to it.  I appreciate that about you.

I am so proud of everything you do. I know I may not always show much enthusiasm (read: you ruined my Tupperware) for seeing the nine billionth Minecraft bachelor pad you designed, but just know that I am amazed at everything you create. Please keep making the right decisions and being an all over awesome 12 year old. 

Happy birthday to my little (now big) guy!

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