EVILFLU's Spotify Christmas Playlist...

There's something about Christmas music this year that has me crying like a baby in the grocery store.  I'll be pushing my cart, minding my own business, hoping they have those cream cheese toaster strudels this time (which they never do!) and next thing you know I'm wiping my eyes and sniffling along to Last Christmas by Wham!

The lack of Toaster Strudels at my local grocery store is depressing enough - now I have to pretend I have allergies when I hear a song about giving someone their heart at Christmas. Being an emotional lady is rough I tell ya! Despite feeling like my heart is being ripped out when Elvis is singing about his Blue Christmas, I still love Christmas songs.  I have decided to put together a list of fantastic Christmas songs and share it with my friends. I want you to listen to these songs and cry like a baby in the supermarket like I do - actually don't do that, it's embarrassing.  This is my gift to you.  It's all you're getting too so you better like it!


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