Back to the Future Day (for real this time!)...

Unless you live under a rock then you have probably been bombarded by 50 million Facebook posts, Tweets and Instagrams about Back to the Future day.  You can't avoid it. This is happening.

In honour of this once in a lifetime event, I was thinking about things I would tell myself if I could go back in time.  Old Biff was pretty smart to grab that sports almanac, and that is a good idea, but I figured going back and telling old me a few things couldn't hurt.

Here are a few things I would tell myself:

  • To never wear saggy sweatpants around my cousins. Although they are super comfy and jeans are just way too constricting, you will never forget the word “SAGGERS” or the rush of cool air running across your Daffy Duck underwear as your sweatpants were yanked down to your ankles. 
  •  That bran muffins do not make you throw up – it was most likely the dandelions you ate. 
  • That you shouldn’t run to catch up with your class at the Royal Winter Fair.  Slipping in cow poop and getting it on your new Toronto Raptors Starter jacket is not the way to meet new friends in grade 8. 
  •  Don’t worry so much about how people see you.  Being afraid of judgment will ruin your entire high school life.  You will be so much happier if you don’t try to fit in with the cool kids – even if that means wearing hats with cat ears on them or capes. Just be yourself. 
  •  Get out of that comfort zone. 
  •  Follow your own dreams.  Don’t listen to your parents – surprisingly they don’t always know what is best.  If you want to be a social worker, don’t go in to school for computer programming just to make your dad happy. It will make you miserable. 
  • You are worth it. Even if you don’t feel like it.
  • Spend more time with your grandmother.  She is a wonderful lady who loved you more than anything. Never forget those moments when she would make fudge or pull out the Sears catalogue and tells you to order some new clothes. Time spent with her is precious and you don’t have much more of it left with her. 
  •  Keep all of your old toys.  More importantly, keep them away from your mother who will give them to the Goodwill while you are away visiting family. 
  •  Don’t leave your turtles in the care of your mother while you are away visiting family.  
  • Tell that boy you like him.  If he doesn’t like you back, he was a jerk anyway.
  • Tell that boy you love him.  Even if it makes you feel vulnerable. 
  •  Don’t love that boy too much because it will hurt a lot when he dies. 
  • Try hard. 
  • Try harder. Stop giving up so easily.  It will make you miserable.
  • Love that kid. Love every moment so much because before long he won’t want to spend time with you. 
  • Don’t waste your time. It is more valuable than you think. 

Be Yourself!

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