The EVILS go to the 2015 Western Fair

It’s that time of year again.  The kids are fresh back in school, the leaves are starting to fall and the nights are a little cooler – and of course there is the scent of cotton candy and deep fried foods lingering in the air.  The Western Fair is in town and Mason and I couldn’t wait to try out the new 2015 offerings.

I’ve said it before, and it never gets old, there’s something magical that happens once you walk through those big gates – memories come flooding back. What was once a parking lot has been transformed to a place where you get to relive your childhood memories of losing your tooth in a candy apple or having your first kiss on the double Ferris wheel. This year each gate of The Western Fair has been transformed in to a theme which just adds to the magic a little more.

Memories of R. and the times we spent together at the fair always come back when I walk through those gates.  The time we spent together just walking around and looking at the lights, the time I was pregnant and spending all our money on lemonade and deep fried Mars bars and the time we brought our son to experience the fair for the first time (and last time together).  Although attractions are added and taken away, the smell and atmosphere of the fair always stays the same.  Good memories never leave.

I’ve watched my son grow through the fair.  Each year he gets a little braver. I remember when he wouldn’t even think of going on those fast spinning rides, and now he’s going on numerous times in a row, while I watch from the ground biting my nails off.

For the first time this year I worked at The Western Fair.  It was an incredible experience and really helped with the social anxiety I have been experiencing lately.  Nothing like throwing yourself out there as a form of exposure therapy! It felt really good to help people enjoy their Western Fair experience and I met some really fantastic people (HI Khahy!!).  

Mason and I attended opening night, even with the threat of rain, an opening night attendance is just tradition in our little family unit.  The threat of rain quickly turned into reality, but somehow that didn’t dampen our spirit.  We were still on that magical high of walking through the gates to experience memories we haven’t really thought of since the year before.  I watched as Mason used his ride pass to ride the same spinning ride over and over. We were able to attend some indoor activities and visit some cute animals as the rain came down harder.  I was thankful for my heated seats in my car by the time we were leaving though! 

Memories were made, even though they were drowned out by the downpour, we still had a great time! 

Things to know if you are attending the 2015 Western Fair:

  •  The parking is free on Western Fair lots.  That being said, it’s best to get there early because I hear it can fill up pretty quickly during peak times. 
  • Admission is $15 for adults but if you go between 3-5 Monday through Thursday, you only pay $5 admission. 
  • The games are cash only this year (different from previous years where they accepted tickets only).  Most games cost around $5. 
  • There are some old favourite shows and new amazing shows being put on this year.  I highly recommend the Sinbad High Dive show which can be seen a few times throughout the day in the Imagination Park.

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