Poor Girl...

Please don’t feel sorry for me.
The events that happened are not me.
They have helped me become who I am.
I am strong.
I have emotions.
I love love because I realize now how precious it really is.
If my life had been all privilege, I wonder if I would take these things for granted.
I see it all the time.
Not having to work for something you really want.
These things never last.
When you work hard, you respect what you have.
That’s the way I want to be.

Please don’t ever say ‘that poor girl’.
I am never poor.
I make decisions.
I learn.
It’s the way life is supposed to be.
and I am proud.

Missing him has not defined me.
It has never made me weak.
In fact, I feel strong.
I know now that true love is hard to find.
and I will wait to find it again.
Because I am strong.

“That poor girl”

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