Remember my last post where I mentioned that I bought a car? Well cars cost a lot of money! I tried to get a part-time job but wasn't getting anywhere with my available hours and childcare. I decided to start my own company. I love photography and sometimes people say I'm good at it, I just don't have the confidence. Nothing is a bigger confidence boost than having some financial hardships, so here I am. Marketing to strangers - using the silly photography alias - Flutography.

I really wanted to somehow incorporate Flutography into this blog, but I don't think it's entirely appropriate - and that's okay! 

I do want to share my new website with my lovely readers. 

Most of it is under construction at this point. I am very excited (and realistically, terrified) to start this new venture. I am very open to hearing any and all tips you may have for a newbie (awkward) photographer. 

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Hello..this is my blog. I bought this fancy theme and I don't know what to write here just yet. Maybe one day remind me I have to write something inspiring here?


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