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My grandma is on the Internet …I know! 
I know what you’re thinking, but the truth is she is a wizard!
She shares stuff on Facebook, she writes “God bless you” to complete strangers in comments, and she likes every single picture I post.   She’s my Baba, and she knows how to Internet.

I had a visit with her this past weekend where she was telling a story about family she found that lives in Australia.  My grandma is not well so travelling right now is out of the question, especially to Australia.  Someone made a comment about how it would be nice if she could meet them.  My grandma just said how she wished she had more time to go to Australia to meet the family she has never met before.

Then I realized that my grandma will never get to go to Australia.  She’s spent her life being responsible, saving for a rainy day and doing everything you are supposed to do as an adult.  Except she never got to go to Australia.  Now that she's older and sick she won't be able to make that trip - and it made me realize how precious time really is. 

I mean, people do amazing things all the time, maybe one day she will be well enough to go on a plane and meet her Australian family, but more likely than not they will have to come meet her here.

R. was 30 years old when he died. All he wanted in life was a family, a dog, a motorcycle and a parrot.  He had the family and he had the dog. The motorcycle was a hard no. I mean looking back now, what's the worst that would have happened on a motorcycle - he died anyway. The parrot, although annoying and expensive, could have been done. He talked about it all the time and I kind of just zoned out. Just now it’s been bothering me lately that he didn’t get to fulfil his dreams before he left us. A parrot. All he wanted was a parrot and I didn't help him make that happen. As a 23 year old (self-proclaimed) bimbo, I didn’t realize this request was so important. ...and now I feel guilty. 

Fretting about this lately really made me think about my own life and the things I have given up on that I really wanted.  It’s so easy to defer your wants when your needs are sometimes hard to meet. I mean, I don’t plan on dying anytime soon, but it would be nice to know that I got to experience the things I wanted to do before that time comes.

So I bought myself a car. 

Oh trust me, I heard over and over how bad of an idea this was.  I heard from family, co-workers, strangers.  I get it, I’m poor. I work 35 hours a week.  I just wanted something to make it a little more worthwhile.  I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard.  I have paid one payment so far and things have been a little tough but I’m sure once I stop having to pay double insurance and the extra money I had to put out for the deposit, things will get a little easier and settle down. 

You may remember my old beetle (Benny) who had an unfortunate encounter with a deer two months after getting him on the road.  I never got over his demise.  Owning a Beetle, to me, is like owning a Ferrari to some people.  I know that sounds crazy, but this car just matches me so perfectly.  I was ecstatic to get my dream car all those years ago. I was devastated when I had to give him up and now here I am six years later, ready to make myself a little happier.

So wish me luck – and please feel free to send me deer repellent vibes because I’m a little bit terrified of that happening again. 

Life is short(ish). Don't be a jerk and make yourself and others happy. 

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