My Theresa Caputo Live Experience (London, Ontario April 18, 2015)...

When I initially didn't get tickets for Theresa Caputo's show in London, Ontario I was a little bummed.  I convinced myself it was all fake anyway and that I wouldn't have a good time so it didn't really matter.  The day before the show it mattered a lot and I had to find myself tickets.

This was a sold out show but somehow I managed to find one seat. Later on I found an even closer seat and bought that one. I sold my old seat within five minutes (that's how popular this show was) and helped a random guy find a ticket for his wife (which was a success!).

After I took myself on a date to Arby's and bought myself a slushy alcoholic drink (I'm such a good date), I found my seat which was located to the side of the arena beside the skeptic wearing way too much patchouli oil (I think spirit forgot to tell her to lay off the patchouli that day).  Before the show started Theresa's husband came out and took photos with fans.  He didn't make it up to our section but I thought that was such a sweet thing to do. The Caputo's genuinely appreciate their fans - whether it be photo ops or a fan club that returns all profits to the fans, they are good to their fans.

Unfortunately there was a strict photo/video policy so I couldn't share my experience through pictures (which I normally like to do - I'm generally better at photos than words).  The stage was set up with a little table and a chair.  There were numerous candles on the table and a funky (huge) zebra rug on the floor.  Once Theresa came out and said a little speech, she left the stage and got to business, only returning to the stage once spirit was done yapping (or the two hours set by show standards).

Most of the spirits she connected with were tragic deaths.  I mean what death isn't tragic, really.  Most people she connected with died in car accidents, murders.  She didn't connect with many people who died of illnesses.  I think in an arena that size it's probably easier to find someone who died in a plane crash where a few people would stand up versus cancer where hundreds would stand up.

I expected things to not be as polished as they are on the spotless TLC show and I was correct (even with a few S-bombs from Theresa).  I believe this was mostly due to the crowd (not knowing specific details, then later confirming example: "He's telling me he had something wrong with his blood" to which the person denied.  "He says it was Hepatitis C" to which the person confirmed).  Every time someone denied something she told them, my heart dropped and I held my breath, but it was almost always was the person receiving the message. 

Theresa is an amazing performer. Even if she didn't have this gift, I believe her personality is prominent enough to hold the attention of that entire arena. Coming over the border into Canada only added to her comedic performance asking if we had a Home Depot here (which strangely enough was where the spirit of the young man she was channeling had worked) of if we knew what ceiling fans were.  When someone mentioned that they flew to Calgary for their loved ones passing, she responded with "What's that?". 

With around 6000 people in a room, it worried me how the right loved one would be matched with the correct guest.  Theresa seemed to know where they belonged somehow.  She said multiple times "they are telling me right here".

Of course I had hoped for a reading, I don't think anyone goes there not hoping to get some sort of message.  I was not one of the chosen ones that night. Which is completely okay with me because once I saw the amount of people in that arena I knew it wasn't the right setting for my message.  I know I couldn't handle the bright lights, my face enlarged on the "Jumbotron" with purple gel eyeliner streaming down my face (PS - don't forget Kleenex like I did).  It just wasn't right for me.  I had told my spirit that if he were going to come through our code word would be "Jigglypuff".  There were no Pokemon mentioned in last night's performance.  I know he wasn't there.

I would have loved to validate her gift for myself and I'm sure you're wondering what my stance on this entire spirit world thing is. The truth is, I do believe. I have always believed. Seeing it in person did not change anything for me. I do feel  that some spirits are stronger than others. I feel like some messages were portrayed pretty vaguely while some were so on point it gave me chills.

As Theresa says, she doesn't care if you believe in her gift or not, her calling is to bring messages of healing from the afterlife.  I felt that a lot of people heard healing messages that night (a lot more than I expected) and I was happy to witness these encounters.

I went in there needing to hear from my loved ones. After hearing what other people's loved ones had to say, I left there feeling less alone in the grieving process. To me that is a gift. 

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