Easter 2015...

This was our eleventh Easter together.  You would think I had this down by now. Truth is, I'm still that mom that shops around the night before Easter hoping to score a good deal.  This year, there was a chocpocalypse in my city.  Stores were completely raided for any kind of chocolate. The only chocolate left was the insanely expensive or the smooshed up semi-expensive chocolate that was still semi-expensive because, well there was none left anywhere else!

I got a few little things, but decided in the end the chocolate didn't really matter  *gasp* ...and you know what? The chocolate didn't matter.  Not one bit.

His favourite Easter "gift" was a giant 3 foot inflatable Frisbee.  We took turns throwing it to each other (in the snow) and then throwing it as hard as we could.  We even threw it off the roof of the parking garage...because why not!

Then we came in and dyed some Easter eggs.  I usually try to avoid the egg dyeing because eggs are food and food is money and who wants to eat blue hard boiled eggs. Guess what? Blue hard boiled eggs taste the same and you actually can eat decorated eggs.  Who knew? Not me!
Liz supervised the egg dyeing. So glad to have her input for this process.

We've come a long way from the hollow Spongebobs and melted monster trucks.

PS - I went to the store today and got all the 50% off Easter chocolates.  For some reason  Easter chocolate tastes so much better when it's 50% off.

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