Apartment Life: under sink storage

L it under Living in an apartment has its benefits, but most of the time it leaves you wondering where to store things. One thing I have never been able to find a proper space for are my dish towels. At one point I was storing them in the bathroom cupboard...until I realized how gross that was. 

One day I found a plastic drawer at a thrift store and I knew right away it had to go under my sink for storage. Unfortunately, it was too wide for my kitchen sink cupboard space so it currently organizes my belongings under my bathroom sink.  

I still longed to have some organization under my kitchen sink though but sadly couldn't find anything that would fit in that short space. 

Mason had one of those plastic carts in his room and I had always wanted to roll it under his desk but it was just too tall. 

It took me tripping over it and it coming apart to realize that each drawer is separate. Then I got the brilliant idea to separate two drawers (only two would fit under the sink) and store my dish cloths and cleaning cloths. 

I love it and it solved two problems! 

Now I just have to find a way to organize the other side and I will be happy with the area under my sink! 

Just wanted to share this little tip with you so you don't have to store your dish towels in your bathroom like I did! 

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