2015 is a chance to start a new notebook.  The pages are crisp and white.  The spine of the book is a little stiff, but you know it will work itself out over time.  

The 2014 notebook shall be named Voldemort - or less dramatically, one of the worst years of my whole entire life. It's ugly stained pages will soon be forgotten.  One part of 2014 notebook I will never forget are the many pages where I was reminded that I am never alone.  I have people.  People who are there, even when I don't have the courage to ask.  They encourage me, believe in me and trusted me -- even when I didn't believe in myself and was just generally hard to love. Those pages are folded and will be kept in a pocket by my heart forever. 

This post is not about sorrow.  It's about a fresh start.  I have already completed my imaginary book burning ceremony.  It was lovely.  You were probably there as I ripped those pages and flung them carelessly over my shoulder into some bright orange and pink flames.  


Best Memory of 2014:
My best memory of 2014 surprisingly came during one of my worst times. When we lost our belongings, I had no idea that so many people would come together and help us. I will never forget the feeling of love (and relief) that I had when everything else in my life was suddenly chaotic. It was such a beautiful thing and I can't wait to pay it forward sometime.

Worst Memory of 2014:
There are a lot of candidates for worst memory of 2014.  In fact, it's kind of hard for me to pick just one, but I think the obvious choice would have to be the move from hell. I have never felt so betrayed in my whole life.  I am still angry.  I still have psychological issues because of the whole ordeal.  I'm trying really hard to move on and focus on the great things that came out of it.  I promise to work harder on that this year!

Favourite Post(s) of 2014:
 I think last year was my worst blogging year ever so lucky me I don't have too many to go through to pick a favourite!  
  • When You Are Ten... - I love these messages. I never remember what I write and when I go back and read these posts I just can't believe how true they are.  They come completely from my heart.
  • Nine...  - ditto.
  • An A+ for Effort... - How to deal with a learning disability.
Favourite Instagram of 2014: 

Favourite Song of 2014: 
Cocoon - Jack Johnson.  I could listen to this song all day long probably forever. 

Favourite Movie of 2014:Easy. Guardians of the Galaxy. I have never seen a movie that many times in a theatre (eight). I also have never cried about a character in a movie so badly that I can't even talk about sticks on the ground without bursting into tears. I had it bad...and now I own it on DVD/BLU-RAY etc etc.

Favourite TV Show of 2014: 
The Walking Dead.

Favourite Quote of 2014:
This is a new question in my little year end survey.  I always see quotes on social media. Some are horrible (and hypocritical!) but I've come found some really good ones too.  My favourite quote of last year (or maybe of all time) actually came from a movie. [MAYBE SPOILERY?] In the end of the third Night at the Museum movie, Theodore Roosevelt (played by Robin Williams) is saying goodbye to Ben Stiller's character, Larry.   I liked it so much, that I made a little image of it for Instagram (see below).

In 2014 I learned.... In 2014 I learned that life goes on.  Things are nothing but things. What really matters are the people we have in our lives and building memories. 

Things I wanted to learn in 2014...
  • How to properly make mistakes - I learned that a mistake is all about reactions.  It's best to just learn from it and move on.
  • How to run without looking like a fool (or at least have fun while doing it) - I started off pretty good until my co-workers informed me that running in the dark in a black hoodie is actually kind of dangerous.  Perhaps not caring what other people thought of me while I was running should have been my goal.
  • How to crochet - I didn't even pick up a ball of wool all year long.
  • How to be a better hugger - ...pass.
  • Why people kiss each other on each cheek? What does that mean? - I googled it and still don't have a clear answer.  Luckily (or sadly) I didn't have to see the half of my family that does the two-cheek kiss this year so it kind of slipped my mind.
  • How to enjoy a beach (I hate sand...bleh!) - I went to the beach. I got the worst sun burn of my whole entire life. I then got shingles.  So no, I still hate the beach.

In 2015 I Want to Learn...
  • How to be more organized
  • How to put on make-up properly
  • How to be more financially responsible
 I Want to be Better At...
Being a happy person and having more fun.  I also want to be better at acceptance.  I want to be able to look at something and not nit pick everything I hate about it.

My Biggest Goal for 2015 is:
To go on a date (be more social).  I know that sounds like a ridiculous goal, but for me this is a huge deal!  I haven't been on a proper date since I was in college (R and I never dated). I want to meet somebody new and experience a date. One where I will be nervous that I will start quoting Tom Hanks' Cast-Away during our meal or wondering if I have anything stuck in my teeth every five minutes.

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