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My wonderful friends at Thomas Allen & Son Ltd. have spoiled me again and sent me a few books from their Star Wars Workbooks library.  This is a group of educational books with a theme that most little kids can relate to - Star Wars!

My son is currently in grade five, however with his learning disability he is currently reading and writing at a grade two level.  It's hard to find appropriate materials for him to work with because the books at the level he is currently reading at are "babyish" and although they are at an appropriate level for him, he feels like they are too easy - simply because of the childish content and illustrations.

This is the reason I was really excited for him to have a chance to work with the following books:  2nd Grade Writing, 2nd grade Math and 2nd Grade Reading.

These books are perfect for a little boy (or girl) who have an interest in Star Wars. Unfortunately, my son lost his Star Wars interest after taking a lightsaber toy to the eye, but I figured it had to be better than the workbook he has with creepy clowns all over it. 

The books themselves are very well illustrated.  They are filled with well-known characters from all Star Wars generations (or episodes?).  I love that they give you the standard copy the writing as well as a lot of blank space where children can create their own ideas.  One of my favourite books, 2nd Grade Writing, while seemed a little beyond my son's abilities at this point, gave tasks for him to write paragraphs about characters with facts provided. 
I know it's a little blurry...but look at that concentration!

A couple areas that could possibly improve in these books (again in the writing book) is that some of the words provided are names of characters. So instead of having "space" or "robot" (for example) the words are names of characters.  While that is good for children who have a lot of interest in Star Wars, the words were pretty much useless to my son - who is lucky to be alive after taking that light sabre to the eye (I kid, it was harmless....although traumatizing!). 

As a mother to a child with a learning disability, there is one thing that kind of stood out for me.  The front of the book says 2nd Grade Writing in big letters across the front as well as the age of the children it relates to.  The first thing my son noticed was that he was doing "grade two" work.  While that is true, I feel like it shouldn't be so prominent on the cover.

Overall, I think these books are fantastic. The questions (minus the writing the names) are age appropriate and interesting and the illustrations are exciting.  I really enjoyed that there are familiar characters from all ranges of Star Wars and of course I loved that the answers are printed in the back....because who else doesn't second-guess themselves when it comes to second grade math!

 You can find more information about the Star Wars Workbooks here:

2nd Grade Writing

2nd Grade Math 

2nd Grade Reading

I would like to thank my friends at Thomas Allen & Son for providing us with these awesome books. 

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