I'm sorry that you are a jerk...

I don’t think you realized how dumb you looked making fun of me today.  I came to your office today to do a good deed what I didn’t expect was you to be there, in your standard office attire pointing and cackling at my wardrobe choices that day. 

Yes I was wearing a headband with cat ears on it.  I also realize that I was wearing a Christmas sweater – but you know what? It’s what I chose to wear because it makes me happy.  I don’t wear cat headbands and Christmas sweaters every day – no, sometimes I like to mix it up a little with a Power Rangers t-shirt or a Pikachu hoodie.  We all do things that make us feel a little better, maybe your fancy Suzy Shier blazer made you feel happy that morning – for me I needed some cat ears and a Christmas sweater.  Get over it.

I can only remember being bullied twice.  Once when I wore a Hypercolor shirt (which is totally mind boggling because those shirts were awesome).  I ran home and cried and never wore that awesome magical shirt ever again.  The other time was when a grown man made fun of my teeth and my step dad punched him in the face at the zoo – I haven’t been able to go to that zoo since.

I avoided further bullying incidents by not being myself. I tried to fit in with groups that I had no business being a part of.  I refused to smile with an open mouth in pictures.  It worked – but at a huge price of never getting to show my true self. 

So as you stood there trying to ridicule me in front your group of office friends, with your judgmental gaspy laugh – I wasn’t mad. I learned from my step-dad to not punch people in the face for making fun of people - it would have been really nice to see the komodo dragons that day without being escorted out of the zoo – so instead I answered your ridiculous questions.  When you asked me why I would wear cat ears “like, is it for Halloween or something?”  I just shrugged and said “because I like them” 

To be honest, I actually felt sorry for you.  Trying to knock someone down for being themselves is a classic move for someone who is jealous because they can’t be themselves.  So if you ever want to know where to buy your own cat ears, well screw you go look on eBay you jerk.

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