Caterpillars and Mamosas...

Be nice to creatures. They have feelings too.
 This story reminds me of something, although I can't quite put my finger on one particular lesson it portrays.  In this case, make it what you want.  Bottom line - it's about a caterpillar. Make what you want of it.

I spent Sunday afternoon in the sun with some coworkers (and friends).  It was a pretty afternoon, the sun was shining of course, but it wasn't too hot. The setting was a well-maintained backyard, with a perfect little deck.  There we were, in the sun, sipping rich people coolers - humans, dogs, and many spiders who had taken up residence.

I happened to look over and see a small, white caterpillar struggling in a web.  The caterpillar writhed about in one of the large spider webs. There was a gentle breeze that was recklessly tossing the caterpillar into an even further mess.  I pointed this out to the other guests.

Those things are poisonous.
Let nature take its course.
It's just a caterpillar.

Yeah, it's just a poisonous caterpillar and that spider has to eat too, I thought to myself, agreeing with the other guests.

But I couldn't let it go.
Suddenly my afternoon rich people cooler didn't taste the same as I watched this creature struggle.  At one point I noticed that the caterpillar had escaped it's doom and was out of the web.  I almost jumped for joy, until I realized the dumb thing was crawling back toward the web - certain death.

I think the other guests were growing tired of my caterpillar updates, so someone got a stick and threw the caterpillar out into the woods. I went back to drinking my cooler - the spider went back to his web house with nothing to eat.  The caterpillar probably had a nasty bruise/died from being thrown into a tree.

End of story.

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