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The first thought to go through my mind when I was asked to list ten things that make me happy was dread.  I haven’t been feeling very happy lately.  When I first tried to jot down the list, I had a really hard time coming up with any more than three things that make me smile.

It only took a few minutes before I realized that I was focusing only on the negative.  Each thing I thought of that made me happy was overshadowed by a negative event in my life.  My son – his father died.  Good friends – I used to have more.  Cosplay – I lost all of my in-progress projects in the move from hell. 

Once I was able to push back the negative thoughts, my list grew rapidly and effortlessly.  I could have listed 100 things that made me happy – as long as I could put the negative behind me and leave them in a locked folder of my brain called experiences. 

There is no way that I will ever forget the negative things that have happened, and I’m not entirely sure that is a good thing to forget them completely anyway. They were experiences.  I learned things from them.  Best to just put them behind me and move on. 

“10 things that make me happy”:

  1. Mason – or “evilboy” as he’s usually referred to on here.  This kid – I don’t even know where to start – he’s my hero.  I know that sounds cheesy but he really is. He makes me realize that people can be amazing and not even know it.  This kid has had to face so much hardship in his short little life but he still continues to be positive.   He has big dreams and great focus.   He is thoughtful and loving and is very pleasant to be around.
  2. My family – My family always makes me happy. My mom is my biggest crutch and is always there when I need her (which is more than I wish I had to lately).   I don’t get to see my family very often, but when I do it’s always a great source of happiness for me.
  3. Good friends – Friends who will go with you to see a movie that you’ve seen five times before – even when they know you’ll cry and embarrass them.  Friends who share their muffin tops with you.  Friends who will do theme Halloween costumes with you.  Friends who are there for you when you need them the most. These are some examples of good friends – you know who you guys are.
  4. Going to the movies – I love going to see movies.  I have loved going to the cinema since I was a little girl and watched Dirty Dancing for the first time with my uncle. There’s just something about oversized concessions, foldy seats and pretending you’re getting married when you walk down the aisles in between the seats - I mean who doesn’t do that…right? Going to a theatre and seeing a movie always makes me feel like I’m in a different world. Suddenly on the way home my old Pontiac Vibe turns into a spaceship and it’s exciting.  Of course I still obey traffic rules…space probably has traffic rules too anyway so it’s totally realistic. 
  5.  Loud music in my car – I was going to just say “music in my car” but then I remembered to change it to “loud music in my car” because I like to sing but I don’t like it when people hear me sing so I have to listen to my music loud.  Nothing gets me more motivated in the morning than a new set of songs in my car.  I can’t describe it…it just makes me happy. 
  6.  Cosplay – I just love creating things and problem solving how to do specific things with a costume.  Although it can be stressful at times, the part of having to think about a certain way to do something always makes me happy.  Even if it doesn’t work, it’s all part of the project. My goal is to do more of this once I can get my office back up and running. 
  7.  Laughing – I love laughing until my stomach hurts and tears run down my face.  Some of my greatest memories include this type of laughter.  Sometimes I laugh when I’m nervous and I think it’s a defence mechanism I have because I just really like laughing.  Kind of like moonwalking out of a room at awkward moments, laughter is my key to removing myself from awkward situations.
  8. Social media – Without social media, I would probably spend my evenings talking about Minecraft and Ninja Turtles…which really isn’t much different since I spend most of my social media time talking about Power Rangers and Rocket Raccoon.   I just love having a place to share my thoughts with people all around the world.  I have met some really awesome people through social media.  Social media has rewarded me time and time again with relationships with people who I normally would never have met in real life. Every time I see a “like” or “reply”  or “favourite” or “retweet” pop up on my phone it makes me happy.  I was recently selected to be a Canadian Ambassador for Jason David Frank.  Being able to represent someone who is always positive and dedicated to his fans gave me a huge boost in confidence and introduced me to so many new friends with similar interests. 
  9. Writing -  Writing is like therapy for me.  I love having my thoughts documented and being able to look back on them later and think about how things have evolved since then.  Also, people have told me that I’m pretty good at writing – I can’t say I always agree with them, but that does make me happy to hear.  I haven’t had a chance to write lately because my life is still sort of all over the place – but I’m getting there.  In fact, writing this doesn’t feel like my style at all.  I blame having my life scattered – quite literally – lately and still trying to catch up.  
  10.  Photography – I have always loved photography.  From the time I started dressing up kittens in doll clothes and taking their pictures up until a few months ago when I realized that I have completely forgotten how to use my camera and that it’s too big and bulky to carry around most of the time.  I love using my phone to take photos, but I always feel guilty or like I’m cheating or something.  One day I would love to be able to pick up my camera again and get back out there.

If you are having a crummy day, feel free to list the ten things that make you happy. I promise you will not be able to stop at just ten.

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