Chicken Boobs...

I had to work late tonight and EVILBOY had to go to cubs to volunteer for the food bank tonight.  Because of my smooshy schedule, it had to be a fast food night.  I've been trying to avoid fast food since I was told to lose some weight, but sometimes life gets busy and shoving a greased up burger down your throat hole becomes absolutely necessary.

When I told EB that we would be eating out, he seemed a little reluctant.  I think I was more excited than him since my lunch today consisted of a salad with chicken that smelled like a fart. 

I asked him what he was going to order when we got there and he said "anything but chicken nuggets!" 

I knew right away that he saw the "pink goop" video, so I told him that video is fake and it has been proven online and that you should always trust everything you read online and... NUGGETS ARE THE BEST!! (The boot ones...amiright??)

As it turns out, the pink goop video would have been more appetizing to him because he was actually referring to this video (which is actually an advertisement running on YouTube - and was apparently filmed in my hometown)

"Do you know what parts of the chickens they put in there??"  He asked in his high-pitched pre-pubescent incredulous voice.

"They don't put in beaks and stuff if that's what you mean" I explained. 

"No...they put in parts I don't want to eat.  The girl parts..." He started.

"BREASTS??" I asked, while biting my lip to hide the laughter. 

"Yes those." He was legitimately grossed out. 

"Those aren't their boobs if that's what you think. It's their meat...well I guess in a way it's kind of their boobs, but like they don't look like boobs..." I tried to explain- but failed. 

"...I'm never eating chicken nuggets again".  

...and that's how my son became a nuggetarian

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