Family Day 2014...

 Today was Family Day. For those of you who aren't aware, us Canadians get a holiday where we get to spend a day with our family - only everyone is spending the day with their family so everything is closed.  I'm sure in some cases, it could be renamed to "Fight Club Day" or "Slamming of Doors Day".  In my case, it's just a day where I get to listen to my child whine about being bored instead of listening to co-workers whine about office problems.

However, any day that I can stay in bed until way past 10am is a win for me.

After spending the most part of the weekend in my room watching a few of my favourite movies, I decided today we had to go out and face the world. It was cold. We didn't make it far, but getting out and interacting with other humans was sort of awesome.  Plus we got invited to Nana's for dinner.  Not having to cook and spending time with big goofy dogs.  My heart felt lighter for the first time this week.

However it did an awkward dive when I heard that there is such a thing as a cat abortion.  I am 32 years old - this is the first I've ever heard of cats having abortions. I mean, I know there is a significant cat overpopulation problem - but cat abortions? I just can't - I offered to adopt all the kittens and feed them with bottles at all hours of the night, even if it's probably impossible I can't even imagine cat death right now.  Ever since we lost Bingo, cats are a very touchy subject for me.  So, in the words of Bob Barker, please spay and neuter your pets so naive people like me don't have to learn about the horrors of cat abortions on a Statutory Holiday. Thank you.

I feel like I'm on the verge of something substantial.  I just have a feeling that my time is coming.  I've been angry and desolate for far too long.

I think what is really getting me out of this funk is the fact that there are worse things in life than feeling like this is all there is.  At first when people reminded me of that I just scoffed. It's hard to see past your own problems sometimes.

The fact that my biggest fear this week is not being able to shower for two whole days makes me smile.  If that's all I'm worried about, I think I'm in a pretty good place right now.

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