Always the weirdo...

We had girls night on Saturday!

Of course it was fun and long overdue.

It didn't take me long (or I guess it took me up until now) that I am always the odd one of the group. Maybe I should take my girl's night club membership and trade it in for a membership to the girls who fart club - maybe even the girls who blurt out the first thing that comes to mind club. I hear they are looking for members.  

For instance, while everybody else chose to eat "healthy" or had a little appetizer that looked pretty - I ate a plate of poutine.  Not so strange? Add an egg to that.  I had a big old plate of poutine with a big giant egg on it.

and then while everybody else oohed and ahhed over their fancy dinners and Instagrammed the heck outta their food - I ate mine.  Shoved the whole thing up in my throat hole.

Also I brought up the movie Cast Away - twice - for two very different reasons. That was even with me mentally preparing myself for this outing by chanting "do not talk about Cast Away at the dinner table" ...yes, I'm serious.

Although I did try to dress up for the occasion...

...yeahhh you probably shouldn't invite me places.

I know I'm a bit strange. I mean, I don't know anyone else who finds The Barry Gibb Talk Show as hilarious as I do (other than my cousin - thanks for backing me up on FB man!).  I just need to start remembering that as awkward as I am, I have some pretty awesome people in my life who make me feel like a golden kangaroo (I don't know where that came from, but it sounds like something awesome).  I think it's healthy to be a little strange.  Fitting in places you don't belong is exhausting - trust me.

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