When You Are Ten...

Ten years ago today you came into this world.  You were eight whole pounds of little fighter - with the bruises to prove it!

The face of a kid who's not taking any of your crap.
 You were born a different person than you are today.  You still stand up for what you believe is right, but you are such a gentle soul.  Your heart is incredible and always in the right place.  It makes you such an amazing person. Please always be gentle - but never settle for something you don't believe in - that's just not who you are.

One of the best gifts you give me every single day is the ability to unconditionally love.  I've been doing this parenting thing for ten years, you would think I would be able to be a little better at things like cooking meals, making sure your face is clean before we leave the house or patience.  These are all things I need to work on, but I'm learning.  I promise! Even with my mistakes as a parent, some of them huge, you still never go to bed angry.  You are always there to give me a goodnight hug and kiss.  The troubles of the day are over when you close your eyes at night. I would be a happier person if I could do this as well - a lot of people would.

You must never lose your sense of humour. There will be so many times in life where you don't feel like laughing, but humour is one of your best qualities. You have made me smile on many bad days with your wit and I truly appreciate that.  Knowing that you can still laugh and smile, even at times when I didn't think it was possible is really inspiring.  Always smile. Always laugh. If not for yourself, at least for those around you who need it. By the way, I'm sorry I had to turn down your request for a Jesus Iron Man cake this year. The other parents...they would talk. It wouldn't be good. Trust me on this one.

This year we said goodbye to your best friend. I know he was "just a cat" but he was our family. I saw your heart break when I told you the news.  This is something I never want to experience with you again.  Let's just stay away from people/pets that will die from now on.  

I have been reflecting lately on who you have become. I often wonder that had our situation been different, would you still be the same kid?  The world took something beautiful from us when you were 15 months old, a father.  Another source of guidance.  He could have taught you so many things that unfortunately I am just not cut out for.  I could picture the two of you at our kitchen table (yes, we would even have a table!), going over homework and talking about your day - something I don't have the patience for far too often.  Your father was patient. Your father would have taught you how to make the decisions that are the right thing to do - unlike me who makes decisions wearing this darn heart on my sleeve all the time.  You probably would have listened to a lot more rap music, and I guess I'm okay with that because your father would tell you just not to let anybody know he let you listen to Eminem and you would obey because you would have had that trusting relationship.  I often feel that you would have been happier - but I can't entirely say that for sure.

You love sushi, Lego and Minecraft.  You are an avid collector - right now you are collecting Power Ranger toys and wanting to start collecting Jurassic Park toys. You love Pokemon and your iPad. You laugh all the time, and your whole body shakes when you do.  You love money and earning allowance.  You don't like school. You love having responsibilities.

You make me proud and prouder every single day.  You have been an amazingly easy kid to get along with these past ten years.  I am forever grateful for that.  Let's have another decade of awesome!

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