Responsibility: A look at children and cell phones...

Letting my 9 year old son be in control of his own cellular phone was a major decision that I had to think really hard about. I weighed the pros and cons, looked in to the costs and fretted about my decision for weeks afterwards.  Eventually, the pros outweighed the cons and EVILBOY became the recipient of  his very own cell phone on Christmas Day.

I selected an iPhone 3Gs. I know what you're thinking, a child with his own iPhone, but the fact of the matter is that I felt that I had more control over his phone usage with the iPhone program (I use an iPhone as well) and he was familiar with the operation of said phone.  I decided on an older model because I figured it would be easier to replace in case he lost it or dropped it and that it would be less desirable to thieves and because it is older, it wasn't able to handle the newer games. It was important to me that EVILBOY understood that this was for emergency purposes only.  It was not something to be used for games or "texting friends" or "selfies".  He was completely okay with this plan as he has an iPad that he uses for games and selfies.

I chose to go with a Pay-As-You-Go plan through Speakout Wireless (available at 7-Eleven) because they have cards that do not expire for 365 days.  I have a feeling he won't be using $25 worth of airtime in a month so this is a good plan for us to "roll-over" our minutes.  This is the only company in Canada that I know will do this.  We were able to activate the iPhone through this company because they use the same Sim Card network as the phone's provider Rogers.

Things were going great. EVILBOY had never used the phone because he had been with me the entire winter break and it wasn't necessary to have the phone active.

Eventually the case I ordered from China came in the mail.  I decided to put the phone in the case but unfortunately the case did not fit the phone.  I tried to smoosh the phone in (stupidly) and the screen all but popped off the front of the phone!  No big deal, I brought it to work to speak to a work mate about getting it fixed and cost etc.  Turns out it wasn't worth fixing, but it was still operational...

A few days later and the phone is missing!! I put it back in my purse, but my purse is so full of junk (really, it's kind of hilarious) and I'm assuming the phone didn't make it all the way in.

You read that correctly:

I, the adult who was worried about an almost 10 year old's phone responsibility, SMOOSHES AND THEN LOSES THE PHONE!! 

I haven't had the heart to break the news to him just yet.  Luckily I hadn't activated the phone card yet so I just have to purchase a new SIM card (and a new phone!).  For those wondering:  I did try the Find My Phone app, but unfortunately a few days had passed before I realized the phone was missing and it is currently listed as "offline".  However, Apple has a really neat little feature that allows you to lock the phone and put in a note with your contact information in case it is found *everything crossed*

So I guess the moral of the story is, it's too early yet to determine the responsibility of an almost 10-year-old with his own cell phone.  My plan was to share this in a few months after we were more comfortable with the routine of a child and a cell phone, but I figured I would share with the world that I am more irresponsible with a cell phone than a child.

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