Snow Away...

Dumping of snow - check
Festive special commercial on the TV - check
Cursing while scraping off the car - check
Big dumb bigot neighbour who thinks he is funny - check

When I was a child without a worry in the world, this was the best time of year.  I absolutely loved everything about the holiday season.  I had my letter to Santa ready as soon as the first flake fell from the sky. Family and friends visiting.  Turkey dinners on Christmas Eve and then laying down in the back of our big old brown van on the way home looking up at the sky, hoping to catch a glimpse of a reindeer or two.

Being responsible for another human who is growing up way faster than I ever imagined while keeping the magic alive is somewhat difficult.  Add that to the fact that I am getting old and grumpy myself.  I can no longer find joy in trudging through snow. Christmas songs that start before the middle of November make me retch and I absolutely cannot stand the crowds in stores or the inflated prices (which is why I did all my shopping online before Halloween - Yes, I am 90% done!).  You can call me the Grinch all you want, but I really don't enjoy standing in snow over my knees for over five minutes.

Then there is a moment when your legs get so numb you can't even tell they are frozen to begin with. The moment when you look up and see a nine year old boy, rolling down a hill of snow and laughing his face off - without a PS3 controller in his hand.  This is what we used to do for fun. Staying out for hours and coming home with all our fingers and toes were some of the best times of my childhood.

...and then my heart grew three sizes that day - and I still have ten toes.

The end.

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