You probably haven't been wondering what I have been up to lately.
Too bad, I'm going to tell you anyway (I think I just broke like five rules of blogging - and grammar - there).

EVILBOY and I are taking on this Cosplay thing and it has been such an incredible hobby!  I absolutely love creating things and cosplaying offers just enough (sometimes more than enough) of a challenge to keep me interested.

I guess my cosplaying interest started back around Halloween 2010 when I decided I wanted to be Velma from Scooby Doo.  I scoured thrift stores until I came up with the perfect outfit and Velma was created.  Velma also became famous in the local newspaper - unfortunately for other reasons than being an awesome costume!

 My next costume interest didn't come until Halloween 2011 when I became  Rainbow Brite .  This time I was a little more courageous and did some needle and thread work - all by hand.  The difference between this and a Halloween costume was that I wanted to be Rainbow Brite. I wanted everything to represent a piece of one of my childhood heroes.  I think the result came out pretty well - and I won first place at my work costume party.

In 2012 I went in on a group costume and became Sookie from True Blood.  There really wasn't much customization I could do with that costume. All items were purchased - the only touches I added was a blonde wig and a green "bandanna" around my neck (in one of the episodes Sookie hides her neck bites with a bandanna). It was fun to dress up with my friends - but I really missed the creation part of this costume.

This year EVILBOY and I went to our second convention.  EVILBOY wanted to dress up and I found a pretty awesome deal on eBay on a Power Ranger ninja costume.  It was his size and perfect.  I had to customize a few pieces as the costume was not complete, which involved me hitting up thrift stores for items that I could make work for this costume. I think it pretty much came together in the end and we had a great time at Comic Con.

I eventually began making my own costumes from scratch. At first I tried modifying patterns, but it really turned out to be a chore. In the end, I ended up making my own patterns from our clothing and we were both able to become Power Ranger Ninjas (Pink Crane Ninjetti and Blue Wolf Ninjetti).

My costume took months.  I'm not kidding - I made so many mistakes and so many modifications.  Put it this way - I watched the entire series of Breaking Bad while I made that costume.  I made EVILBOY's costume in about two weeks. I felt more confident at that point and knew exactly what I needed.  I am going to have to make him a new white ninjetti as he grew out that eBay special already and he already has made plans for next year's Comic Con.  What a kid!

Even thought it was so much fun, and it took me forever to make (and I ended up with a permanent disfiguring scar from it), I started to get a little nervous and hot and I ended up taking off my costume after wearing it for only about an hour.   I did put it back on again for our work Halloween party and came in second place 

After everything was complete with my final two cosplay projects, I got bored.  I had to constantly try doing things with my hands. I ended up making a pepakura pink ranger helmet to go with my ninjetti costume. Pepakura was amazingly fun! Think of a puzzle - only instead of ending up with a flat picture of dogs playing poker, you get a super awesome helmet that you can wear around town while riding your bike and stuff because how awesome would it be to see a power ranger on a bike?

The best part about pepakura is that the cost is very minimal.  The program was free and I paid $5 to print the file at Staples.  I spent hours and hours in front of the TV, gluing away while watching my favourite shows.  I added a coat of resin to the outside ($15 at Michael's on sale) and it was beautiful - too small for my head - but shiny and beautiful.  I decided I'm going to finish it anyway even though my bulbous head won't fit in and I mistakenly cut it in half already just to determine if that was in fact the case.  I just think it will be good to practice on and maybe one day I will become a professional at this kind of stuff.

I have also already decided my next project (even though this one is not done yet) and I am really really excited!  Our next Comic Con isn't until next summer (unless I find one we can squeeze in before then) so I have a lot of time...and with all the mistakes I keep making (and life and having a full-time job and being a mom...), I need all the time I can get!

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