Hammertown Comic Con 2013...

EVILBOY and I are fairly new to the Comic Con scene.
Our Comic Con debut was just over a year ago at Fan Expo 2012 where we were bitten by the Comic Con bug and decided that this is something that we can totally do as mother and son.  It's not too hard to enjoy yourself at Comic Con -  A grumpy person at a con is as rare as an Amazing Spiderman #129 in mint condition...unless their cosplay is really riding up their butt...then being grumpy is to be expected.

EVILBOY cosplayed at Niagara Falls Comic Con and had a great time...I decided this time I was going to break out of my shell and attempt a cosplay!  Our main goal of Hammertown Comic Con was to meet the original blue power ranger, David Yost so I based my cosplay on a Power Ranger theme.  EVILBOY's white ranger ninjetti costume was a big hit at NFCC so I decided to make myself a pink ninjetti for Hammertown.  If you are wondering just how long it takes to make a ninjetti cosplay for the first time without a proper pattern and with only sewing machine training learned in grade 11, the answer is: Watch the entire series of Breaking Bad...plus a month.

Once I got the hang of making the pink ninjetti and I was in a good place with that cosplay, I realized that EVILBOY's cosplay was a little snug in Niagara Falls and probably wouldn't fit...so I made a second ninjetti cosplay - a blue ninjetti. If you're wondering how long it takes to make a second (smaller) cosplay of one you have already started, the answer is: not as long as you'd think!

On the eve of the event, I still had many parts of our cosplays to finish.  Mostly boot covers and small accessories, but I do remember watching three movies as I made those boot covers (only to realize hated them and to end up ditching them anyway).   By three am, and a two second degree burns later I called it a night and our cosplays were complete.

EVILBOY was so excited to wear his cosplay and meet one of his heroes in spandex...I on the other hand was feeling a little apprehensive.  I had never done anything like this before. I had visions of my pants splitting and my ninja turtle panties showing to a room full of nerds (I use that term lovingly). I also thought of sweaty arm pits, looking fat, allergic reactions and lost pins coming out into sensitive areas. It was a lot to get over - plus I have an irrational fear of looking stupid and I didn't want anyone to think I did a horrible job on my first ever cosplay.

But you know what, irrational fears can suck it. I did it.  I got out of my car, shook my fist at some weirdo who parked in my dressing area when there was a whole other lot empty, and I shoved my butt into that damn ninjetti cosplay.

Walking up to the line up I started to get a little nervous when I saw people turn around to look at us - but then a little girl gave me a high five...and I felt okay again!  In fact, I saw that little girl all through the show...she was a real ego booster! Thanks kid  ;)

We went straight to David Yost's line to meet one of our heroes and met a bunch of really cool Power Rangers fans. I still can't get over the fact that a show I liked as a kid is one that my son is a big fan of now - years later.  It's pretty surreal.

I really wanted to be the one to hold the helmet.  Also - I forgot my morpher back home. Zordon is probably so mad at me!

EVILBOY has the whole "blank expression because I never smile" look down and I am doing the squinty eye smile...pretty sure that means we are both stupefied to be standing next to a real life blue power ranger!  He commented on how accurate and well done our costumes were....and then I blanked out or died or something because one of our heroes complimented my craftsmanship.  I even showed him my burns to show my dedication.

The rest of the day we spent looking around at some really fantastic art and I bought my friend a really cool picture of Adam from Maroon Five wearing only someones hands for clothing. I had to convince the exhibitor that I was not a pervert...he said that I was the first person to say that while buying that picture and that usually people just say they are buying it for their friend.  I must remember that for next time...sometimes telling the truth is so much better!

We met some really awesome fans walking around.  We were stopped to get photos taken and someone even told me he had my action figure - but it was incomplete and I was like hey! So is mine!

Shortly after that, my cosplay time was coming to an end.  I felt a little hot and I could only imagine the state of my armpits at this point.  My shoulder armour kept bumping into old men and I was starting to feel a little bit weird to be walking around in a ninja costume. I changed out of my cosplay and threw on my pink ranger hoodie.  After a not-so-short lunch, we returned to the convention where we were stopped to take more pictures.  I had to explain that I was no longer in cosplay to a few people - which just goes to show you can be at any level of cosplay at a convention and still have a lot of fun!

EVILBOY had entered the cosplay contest and it was time for him to go up and do his poses.  He was pretty excited to go up in front of the judges (I didn't have the guts to do it!) because David Yost had shown him a good pose to do for his character. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see him go up in front of the judges because the crowd was pretty hectic and the judging event was a little unorganized...but he must have did okay because....

So we had a pretty fantastic (albeit long) day!  Seeing his excitement from his win was enough to make all the hard work, missed sleep and second degree finger burns worth it!

I actually can't wait to cosplay again! It's a really good feeling to show off your work.  I have to work on my confidence a little bit. Sometimes it's hard to remember that nobody is there to judge you (unless they are a contest judge!) and that everyone is there to have a good time just as you are.

I still have a few slight modifications I want to do to the pink ninjetti *ahem* boot covers *ahem* oh and *ahem* chest coin *ahem* (and some minor repairs to the blue - mainly the belt), but I also have a cosplay picked out for a future project:

Thank you everyone at Hammertown Comic Con for being so nice to us and for giving EVILBOY and award and for not making me feel like a loser for dressing up in public when it's not Halloween! 

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