I am so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends to help me out with child care in the summer.  I never have to worry that EVILBOY will not have a place to go...for that I am eternally grateful.

Even though the help has been very much appreciated, I felt that EVILBOY should spend a couple weeks meeting some new friends and trying some new things at day camp.  The first week was a bit rough.  He was pretty quiet and withdrawn.  This past week was a little more exciting for him because he got to plan his entire day.  He really enjoyed that freedom.

This post is not about day camp though.
This post is not about bullies or camp leaders.

This post is about rude people!

EVILBOY went to this very same camp two summers ago.  I remember having the same experience then and I was so sure I wrote about it...but I can't find that post, so maybe I kept it to myself? Who knows - but I'm telling you, walking around this place is infuriating and I honestly cannot believe half the people that take their kids there ever found someone that could look past their overall rudeness and reproduce with them.

Okay, I exaggerate  - a little.

Sometimes I think I say thank you too much.  Going through a McDonald's drive thru means please or thank you will slip out my mouth at least eight times. Maybe it's a sign of weakness?   I picture myself as a dog with my tail between my legs, just hoping the server doesn't spit in my Diet Coke. 

It's a not so bad habit of mine.

I was honestly shell shocked when I stepped into this day camp location the first time.  Doors were slammed in my face. I held doors for people without so much as a smile.  Shoulders bumping, stair side swipes and general scowls were all that I could see.

I don't think it's fair to name names, but I do have to say that none of this behaviour came from the camp workers - if that were the case he definitely wouldn't be going back - but from the parents of the kids that go there.

I'm really not one to point out rude people (okay sometimes), I know there are a few adults who haven't learned basic manners, but for some reason, the parents of the kids who go to this camp are complete arrogant assholes!

I would hold the door for someone and then the whole clan would walk through, none even attempting to grab the door, and of course not one said thank you...not even their children.  By the tenth day I was holding the door for these jerks like this

Ten days of their rudeness.  I am ashamed to say that by the final day, I had learned not to hold doors for people anymore or smile. I felt defeated.  I felt like Tenderheart being beat down by the evil spirit in the Care Bears movie (you totally watched that too....right?).  I actually may have became a little evil - by the tenth day I was plotting ways to get my revenge (aka - how to hold the door just long enough to slam in that rude bitch's face!).

I don't know why it bothers me so much. It's just another thing I can't control, but it's pretty discouraging when you are trying to teach your little human to be a decent person in a world full of - well assholes (for lack of a better word).

But - It's all over. I can look back now and laugh at my feeble attempts to get revenge on these jerk offs. In the end, my kid had a wonderful time at camp.  He's still a normal kid (luckily didn't inherit any of their jerkness) and he won the leadership award so maybe he even taught some of their kids how to be kind.

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