Dear Touh Firey....

EVILBOY lost his very first molar at my friend's house. It was a wonderful experience for him, mostly because losing teeth totally gives me the heebie jeebies.

The fact that it was a molar - with a filling in it - was even worse.

For a few hours after the (mostly traumatic) event, I had to keep reminding EVILBOY not to play with his tooth. My friend had given him a plastic ziploc baggie to keep his tooth in, but he kept taking it out and admiring his handiwork.

No sooner had I reminded him not to play with it, for the five hundredth time, I heard "oops" and the tooth was gone.  Fell down the seat belt hole in the back seat of my friend's car. We tried to get it back, but we soon found getting the tooth out of the abyss of my friend's back seat was impossible.

My friend suggested EVILBOY write the tooth fairy an explanation letter to say what happened to the tooth.

Here is that letter:

Dear Tooth Fairy

I lost my tooth it was a molar tooth it is in Megan Bush's car....


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