Bat Girl...

So this one time (yesterday) I got attacked by a bat.

I'm serious! 

I opened my apartment door, heard a strange sound and next thing you know BAT WINGS IN MY FACE!! 

I ditched my purse and tub of laundry and slammed the door in that nasty pre-Dracula rodent's face. 

Every time I opened the door it came back, trying to make me invite it in. I watch enough True Blood to know that unless you look like Eric Northman...BEAT IT SKY RAT! 

After texting my friend and my mom asking for advice, only to be ridiculed (thanks you jerks), I decided to take a picture of the beast...because I am a blogger and documenting this stuff is important or something. 

So I got out my handy Pikachu umbrella (now shield) and my phone and was about to go all National Geographic...only I got really scared so no bat pic.  

When I couldn't catch the bat...I turned the camera around and took a pic of my bat huting ensemble...which pretty much consisted of braided hair (so the bat didn't get tangled on my head) and my kick-ass Pikachu "bat beater" shield. 

In the end, I think the bat got tired of me slamming the door in his stupid bat face, and I was able to escape.  I called my building manager and left a message which I'm sure sounded so professional and calm. 

When I returned home, I figured I should check to see if the bat went home. The building manager said "I think it's gone" (so comforting) and she was actually surprised that was the first one I've seen here since I live on the "bat floor". 

Will someone please discover that I belong to the royal family and take me away from here already?? 

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