It's so easy to put myself down.
It's never good enough. 
"I should have done this" 
"I'm so stupid"
"It's okay...I guess"

I have been working on a top secret sewing project. It's taken a lot of my spare time. I have most of the little accessories completed, but of course they didn't meet my standards. My inner Judge Judy is such a bitch. 

When I got to the actual outfit part of the project, it called for me to sew together a jumpsuit. You know, the kind that are so inconvenient because you have to take off the whole thing just to go pee? Yeah one of those. The pattern is from 1980 or something so I guess I should expect the trendy jumpsuit to be a part of this project. 

Anyway...I somehow ended up seeing the legs together...and inside out. I took them apart and ended up doing the exact same thing over again.  Beyond frustrated, I decided to bring the monstrosity to work to ask some of the sewing experts in my office for some advice. 

Rather than pointing and laughing, my coworker showed me what I needed to do to get out of my little conundrum and made a point to tell me how well I did for it being my first time following a pattern. 

It really wasn't my first, but my first pattern was for a baby and didn't involve instructions that said the word crotch more than I care to repeat.

It felt good to have my work recognized though. I full out expected to be the butt of all the daily jokes (more than usual),but instead the work I did complete was appreciated. It was a great feeling. 

It also motivated me to think outside the box (or pattern) and turn the jumpsuit into a two piece instead. 

...and so far it almost worked. 

The praise was the motivation I needed to make that pattern my own. 

Speaking of recognition...I would like to thank the kind people of Diamond Lining for naming EVILFLU one of their top single parenting blogs! 

There are many great sites on there and it really is an honour to be named with thank you for making me feel like less of a failure! 

You can see the whole list of winners here:

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