The EVILS go to Niagara Falls Comic Con!

This past weekend EVILBOY and I attended our second convention.
We learned a few things from our first nerd fest adventure, so we went into this one a little more confident.

While it was significantly smaller than Fan Expo in Toronto was, NFCC held its own and provided us with the excitement and geek culture that is Comic Con.  In fact, I found it a little more enjoyable than Fan Expo simply because it was not so overwhelming - and it seemed like a lot more people dressed up.  Not to mention, Niagara Falls is breathtaking.  One of my most favourite places on earth.

There is a sort of unity in these types of events.  Everyone is SO nice.  I mean everyone!! Compliments on costumes all around, pointing out booths you may enjoy and just basic information to help you get through the day as smoothly as possible.

Even though people are helpful, it is always good to study the schedule and floor plan before you attend one of these conventions.  Not only for your own sanity, but also so you can give your fellow geeks a few pointers that they may have missed.  I heard a few people complain that they missed their photo op because they weren't informed it ended at a certain time.  Meanwhile it is right there on the schedule.  

Comic Con is still something new to us.  The best thing about these conventions is that you can dress how ever you want and nobody will judge you.  In fact, you may even get a few compliments on your superhero t-shirt. This year, EVILBOY dressed up as his most favourite guy in the whole entire world - the white power ranger.  Unfortunately, I didn't really have the resources for him to dress up in the actual power ranger gear (helmet etc..) but I did get a pretty good deal on this ninja ranger costume on eBay for last Halloween and he was pretty psyched to wear it!

He got so many compliments and people were stopping to take pictures with him.  He absolutely loved the attention.  At one point he told me he was going to start charging people $1 to take a picture with him.  It's funny the way kids think sometimes.  The celebrities each charge around $10-20 for a picture with them so he adjusted his price to meet his celebrity level - pretty smart if you ask me!

In case you were wondering - nobody asked to take their picture with him for the rest of the day so the embarrassment of him asking them for money --AVOIDED!

 The highlight of our day was definitely meeting EVILBOY's hero (and my third ever crush) - The white/green ranger Jason David Frank! It's amazing to me how nonchalant my kid is. I was an absolute nervous wreck and here is this kid, meeting his idol, without even a stutter.

In hindsight though, Jason David Frank made it so easy.  He was very approachable and friendly.  He was very apologetic when he had to step away for a minute to do his VIP meet and greet (which unfortunately was a little out of my budget -- maybe next time!).  He worked through the day, not even taking a lunch break, to make sure every fan got to shake hands with the hero they idolized growing up.  
Which brings us to another Comic Con! Bring lots and lots of cash!  The celebrity guests at these events charge for autographs/photos/posters/t-shirts.  They do not take credit cards (I asked) - a problem that totally cost me my photo with the Soup Nazi!

Seriously, budget yourself, but then add an extra $10-20 in case you see a guest you would like to take your photo with.  Even though there were times when their booths were empty and they sat there people watching, it's kind of awkward to walk up to them and say hi and not shoot them a couple bucks for a photo or autograph. Although - at one point EVILBOY told me he wanted to ask a question to one of the wrestlers there (Hacksaw Jim Duggan) who had his championship belt in front of him on display.

We tentatively approached the strong man with friendly eyes, someone who I watched smash metal chairs over the backs of his wrestling opponents as a kid, and EVILBOY asked in a little voice how old his belt was.  Hacksaw (Jim?) (Mr. Duggan?) put his glasses up on his nose and answered my little guy "well son, this belt is about 15 years old...".  We thanked him for his time and left and I had a new found respect for the guy who knocked Hulk Hogan around in the 80's.

We attended Comic Con both days and met some amazing people.  It was so nice to network with people from all over the world, people you don't get to meet everyday - who also happen to be dressed as your favourite Pokemon.

You can also find some really neat things to buy.  The rumour is that most things in the booths at these events are overpriced, but I found everything to be quite reasonable (and coming from a cheapskate like me, that means a lot!).  Although we didn't snag any collectables this time, I did end up buying a necklace with a little moon in it that glows in the dark.  It is a replica of the moon on the day I was born...I am quite smitten with it. 

I was a little disappointed I didn't get to see Corey Feldman (my second crush as a kid -- if you can guess my first crush I will make a blog post with just a picture of your face on it - I am that confident you won't guess!).  I walked by his booth a few times both days but he was never there.  I also felt a little bad for the people who were lined up outside on Saturday because the venue was at capacity. 

Do you know that feeling when you were looking forward to something so much, and you were so worried that something was going to go wrong but it didn't and then you had the time of your life but then it ends and you become sad because you have to go back to reality? That run-on sentence is the best way I can describe our time at Comic Con.

PS - I am already planning a costume for next year's event!

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