The EVILS vs nature...

One of my most favourite memories of being a kid was hunting for frogs with my “Pa” (grandfather). I had the cutest little rubber boots that almost made it all the way up to my (usually) dirty knees. I’m pretty sure they had My Little Pony on the side. I had this really cool frog carrying case – no, I’m not kidding, it was made for frogs. It had a little flap door and it was painted to look like a circus trailer.

My Pa, although not generally a very nice person, would listen to my demands and catch the frogs I would point out to him. I made him go after specific ones, usually ones that were the furthest away. What kid doesn’t enjoy a man in his 60’s falling in a pond?

The frogs eventually became a part of my very own circus of terror in my Ernie and Bert paddling pool. I made them jump through hoops, walk on a stick trapeze and swim in circles while avoiding flying rocks. I’m sure they loved it.

Naturally, EVILBOY has inherited my frog hunting genes – which unfortunately for him, were not all that proficient. I’m sure he would be good at directing me which frogs to catch for him – but he’s not the boss of me.

However, my son is a very dedicated frog hunter. Of course, he doesn’t have a Bert and Ernie paddling pool to bring them home to, so he just studies them, makes friends with them and releases them to go back and tell all their froggy friends about their ordeal of the day. This kid could try to catch a frog all day with no success and then go back the very next day with the same dedication – One of his greatest characteristics.

Our last frog hunt was spontaneous. No buckets, nets or My Little Pony boots. There was also a lack of sun and bug protection – which made for a pretty uncomfortable afternoon. EVILBOY was not having much luck finding some little green friends, so I decided to wander around the river bank a bit.

The sound of the trickling water was so calming, the sun was only burning a little at that moment and a family of ducks with fluffy little babies paddled past. It was one of those moments where everything is clear for a moment. After standing for a moment or so of enjoying the splendor, my view drifted to my feet.

When I saw the big ugly snake by my sandaled foot, the trickling water, fluffy ducks and warm sun was suddenly ripped from my mind. I never really thought I was that afraid of snakes. I have been around snakes, I have touched snakes and reptiles are kind of cute – but I realized as I was running away screaming that I am afraid of snakes. In fact, I hate them. I hate snakes – A lot.

I live in an area where poisonous snakes are about as common as an elephant – or so I would like to think, so I wasn’t too worried about having to suck out the poison out of a snake bite all Crocodile Dundee style. I did worry about running away with a snake’s teeth stuck in my foot though. That would have been traumatizing…not to mention a little embarrassing.

Sometime after I had calmed down (and ran about a mile away), I calmed down enough to assess the situation. I thought it was strange that the snake wasn’t moving around. It was also kind of strange that there were bees (who are also featured in my “burn book”) and flies around it having a party of some sort. It occurred to me then that the snake was actually dead. I ran away from a dead snake (and bees). It also just occurred to me that a snake and bee tattoo would be pretty bad ass.
I was then brave enough to send EVILBOY back to the snake area to take a picture to share with you all.

You’re welcome!

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