I'm not afraid anymore...

I had a really great (but nerve wracking) post almost ready. A project I have put a lot of work (and frustrations) into. At one point I just dropped it because I was feeling pitiful about it.

I was inspired to continue on. When I sat down to finish my project, the power went out. Fluke? Perhaps.

When the power came back on, my keyboard was broken. Things were getting really strange...but then it started working again. So back to the drawing board I went.

As luck would have it, the power went out again and I am almost positive this is a sign from my dead grandparents and my dead lover not to continue on with this project because it will only embarrass myself in front of...well how ever many of you there are out there.


Dead people can't control my life forever. I'm not afraid anymore...ya hear that? I'm not afraid anymore!! I will embarrass myself as much as I want to.


The power is still out and I am writing this from the 9% of battery left on my iPhone.

So instead I will share an image of clothing items that I am currently watching on eBay. I think this says a lot about me and my awesome sense of style.

(that wasn't sarcastic)

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