Draw My Life...

So I've been seeing a lot of these "Draw My Life" videos pop up on the internet.
I figured my life is really not that interesting...but like... stick people! What a fun little project.

I was wrong. It was not fun.  In fact, it was hell.

It made me cry. A lot.

Also, it was really hard because I have never done anything like this before and technology is a bitch.
A big ugly bitch that can shoot you down, make you feel insecure and somehow transform your voice so you sound like you have marshmallows in your cheeks.

But I came this far.
I have conquered Windows Movie Maker and marker stains up my arms.
I'm still not sure why I did this.
I can't even bring myself to watch the  13 minute final version because it makes me sad...
and maybe even a little embarrassed.

Maybe someone else can enjoy it.

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