My friend and I went to see a zombie movie tonight...a zombie love story movie. It was a lovely story and all about a zombie who eats a cocky teenager and ends up smearing the dead guys poo-blood on his unfortunate former girlfriend and love is made.

Zombies scare the cheezus out of me. I often find myself wondering what I would do in the case of a trendy zombie invasion. I hate to say it, but I would be that person who "checks out" at the first zombie sighting. I would have to kill my lover (cats) first to write some creepy ass blood letter on the wall. It would say something like "you shoulda saved the polar bears" or "I blame the Kardashians".

Seeing that it is possible to make out with zombies kind of changed my opinion on creepy wall messages and surviving a zombie apocalypse. I haven't had much luck dating humans, so zombies are probably my next best option. Leave the wall messages to the weaklings who can not bring themselves to make out with zombie mouth or people who really really hate the Kardashians. I am ready to make out with zombies!

...plus I look pretty hot as a zombie

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