EVILBOY made the decision this year to go away for his birthday.
Which was really okay - we had an amazing two days in Niagara Falls this week.
We spent the first night at an indoor water park and had a wonderful birthday dinner in the resort.

The next day we did the tourist thing and visited some attractions.
We viewed the falls from a nippy -3 degrees Celsius 
and EVILBOY got a free cupcake and 9 Hershey's Kisses from the Hershey's store.

Even though it was a fantastic time, EVILBOY still wanted to have some of his friends over to celebrate his big day. On Saturday we had three of his little friends over, which is a big change from his usual parties which host up to 15 kids (family included).

Honestly, I have never hosted a party in my home before.  I was sick to death with worry.  Kids are scary! I had no idea how to entertain these kids for three hours.  Lucky me, the boys entertained themselves by playing iPads for a bit and then running around my house, shooting Nerf guns at each other.  Both ideas were completely not what I had envisioned for EVILBOY's party, but the kids had so much fun!  After they got tired, they wanted to watch a movie - one I already owned on DVD.

Methinks I worry too much sometimes.

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