Then he was nine...

It feels like just yesterday that this (not so) little guy asked me fifty billion questions a day.
Now he only asks forty billion questions a day.

I can remember him following me around the house like a little lost puppy.
because he still does it to this day!

He's always going to be my (not so) little guy.

This year he became more aware of his losses.  He admitted to missing his dad and how he wishes he were here with him because they would go fishing everyday and eat junk food until late at night.  I never correct him when he says these things, and who knows maybe it would have been true, but I don't want to take his dad off a pedestal, even though it hurts that he can't be here.

He loves Skylanders and Lego and Beyblades and his mom.
He is obsessed with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (the same ones I loved as a kid!)
and he is quite the collector.
He joined the Eco Club at school, which totally blows my mind because I had no idea he was into recycling. 

He has a sense of style like no other and hates to brush his hair.
He wants to work on trucks and cars when he gets older.
He still hates shoelaces.
and he stands up for what he believes in.

For his whole eight year of life, EVILBOY amazed me with the way he adapts to life.  His personality is so much different than my own, and it makes me wonder where he gets these traits from - but he makes me so proud and I am so lucky to get to be the mother of such a wonderful and charming kid.

Things are not going to be very easy for my son growing up.
I am not going to be able to afford to take him on expensive trips, or to buy him the most expensive running shoes, but I honestly don't think these things will bother him.  He has such an appreciation for life.  Everything I fret about rolls off his back without a second thought.  I hope that one day I can adapt to life so easily. He really is an inspiration.

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