This was his motorcycle...I found a picture of it through Google. Thought that was pretty cool!

I am not able to go to his funeral, but I figured I should write out how I feel anyway.  I just wish I had a chance to tell him. 


Tony “Pete” came into our lives and right away he was a part of the family.  It was right out of the pages of a Hollywood script – a charismatic soul who brightens the lives of a single parent family.  He showed us the world and loved us unconditionally.  He taught us the important things in life (as any good stepfather would).  He also taught us to never let people get to you.  He made us see life in a sense that you can do whatever you put your mind to – and if somebody didn’t like it then you wave your leg out the window at them (or something like that). 

“Pete” came into my life when I was an awkward teenager.  He gave me the greatest gift anyone could ever give – confidence.  With “Pete” on my team I felt I could face the world in a new light.  I could hold my head up, face my fears and laugh again.  Knowing he was there with us to help guide us was so comforting.  I wish I had one more chance to tell him how much I appreciated his guidance through those years of my life.

“Pete” had an uncontrollable, highly contagious and carefree laugh that represented a man who enjoyed his life and loved his family.  We had many laughs the years he was with us. Our family needed this laughter and I can honestly say that “Pete” was our hero.

He was the kind of man who could go into a room full of strangers, and right away everybody fell in love with him (except maybe that guy at the zoo who made fun of me and Pete was right there to teach him how to respect girls).  He is the only person I know who could leave the house with small change in his pocket and come home with a meal of burgers for the entire family because he made friends with the fast food worker.  It was easy for him to show people his true charm.  On the other hand, “Pete” would give you the shirt off his back if you mentioned you liked it.  In fact, he would make you take the shirt off his back if you politely declined.  He truly loved making people smile. 

The world has truly lost a truly incredible man.  It’s not fair that we lost someone with a heart of gold, who had an incredible amount of compassion and love for others. I genuinely believe he will be with us forever in our hearts.

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