Just like that...

I never answered his calls...
I just felt like it was easier to not have him in our lives.
Even though I ignored the weekly calls, they still came.
Each week.  Sometimes twice in a week.
The last call came on November 25.
There is an unheard voice mail as well.

He came into our lives when I was a bratty teenager.
He stuck around through some of the most rottenest years of my life.
Nobody is perfect.

If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have experienced England.
I wouldn't have been able to do half of the things that shaped me into who I am now.
He taught me so much.

He left shortly before R. died. Back to England - his homeland.
We used to talk on the phone all the time.
Then things changed.
I changed.

I never called him dad, but looking back now he was a father to us.
He never stopped caring.
I was lucky to have him in my life and I hate that I am only realizing this now.

I wish I would  have answered that damn call.
I was this close to answering.
Every time he called, I vowed to answer the next one.
but I never did.

and now it's too late.

Pete, we will never forget your sense of humour, your laughter and of course we will never ever forget your crazy haircut.

I feel like such a jerk.

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