Hobbits and Habits...

It's no secret that I love going to the theater to watch movies.  Just check out my Get Glue activity and you can see I am obsessed with the cinema.

I love the lights, the smells, the sounds (except for that rotten little teenager that was eating popcorn with her mouth open that sat beside me last night).  I even love the sticky floors.  Yes, sticky floors just add to the experience.

I love feeling like I was actually in the movie when I leave the theater.  I find myself adopting some of my favourite character's expressions and quotes.  It's a comforting feeling to be able to live through somebody else for an approximate run time of 1 hour and 33 minutes.

I took Mason to see The Hobbit this past week.  To be honest, I have never seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies.  I owned one once in college, but a burglar broke into my house and stole it.  True story.  I haven't had the urge to watch it since.

I let Mason pick between The Hobbit and some kiddy movie about Santa and I was elated when he nerded out and went all hobbity on me.  The nerds of the world rejoiced, a new member has joined. I really wanted to see The Hobbit simply because they had moving seats - and I am a big kid at heart (and a somewhat nerd).  Plus....moving seats!!!

I went in there thinking all like Days of Thunder at Canada's Wonderland (if you know what I'm talking about, you win cool points in my book).  I used to ride that ride over and over again...only instead of being stinky Tom Cruise in a race car, I used to pretend I was flying in a plane.  The best part was when you got whipped around so much that your feet left the seat area and practically went over your head.

This is what I expected for The Hobbit.

Alas, I got a ride on what could be compared to a Sunday afternoon in my grandpa's car. A little disappointing BUT as an afterthought, being whipped around Days of Thunder style for 3 hours could make you a little ill. I was thankful for the few moments of "excitement" when my seat rocked about as much as it would at a Simon and Garfunkel concert.

At one point when the dwarves and hobbits were running away from something and we were at the peak of excitement, I looked over and there was my son snoring away.  I almost thought he would get tossed from the seat - but those kind of things don't happen while you are running away from giant killer guys.

My favourite part was the parts with Gollum.  Because he was my favourite character, I have been calling everything "my precious" in my best Gollumesque voice.  It's quite fun, you should try it sometime! I do admit though, cinematically it was one of the best movies I have ever seen  - ever. It was so amazingly done that you actually did feel like you were a part of the movie. Also - I kind of had a hobbit crush on Thorin.

EVILBOY woke up near the end of the movie and later exclaimed that it was the best movie he had ever seen.  Who am I to argue with someone who slept for half the movie.

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