The SICK Diet...

I don't do dieting *obviously*
I love junk food way too much.

I don't love many things.  If I had to list the things I love it would go like this:
-My family and friends
-Junk food
-Hoodies with ears on them
-Hello Kitty
-Cleaning my ears with Q-tips

...and that's it! (I think...If I forgot something that offends you, then whoops I forgot).

I realized the only way I can kick this junk food obsession is to be sick.  Like really sick.  All the time.
That way when there is a bag of Halloween candy just five steps from my bed (trust me, I calculated) with no kid in sight to protect them, my body says no way and I cannot muster up the energy to reach them.

Or  that can of Pringles in that Baked Potato flavour that you can only buy when you go over the border an hour away from my house.  I picked them up and imagined each little chip going down my throat hole.  What I didn't imagine was that each of those little chips would crumble and feel like tiny razor blades of death.

Get your flu shot kids!


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