Shelf Burglar...

Burglars are a popular topic on this blog.
I am afraid of all burglars.


(Hamburglar was the least creepy of all those McDonald's weirdos!)

Most burglars are dumb.
Probably because they are in the heat of the moment, focused entirely on stealing the 15 cents in sticky pennies from your cup holder, entirely missing your GPS and Michael Bolton CD (don't be a judger) hidden away in your center console.

Tonight, I experienced a photo of quite possibly the greatest burglar to ever burgle...ever! This burglar did not just steal a candy bar or a bunch of sticky pennies, oh no, this burglarette went right for the furniture!

That right there folks is a lady burglar stealing a SHELVING UNIT from the local Goodwill thrift store. She walked right in there, stole a whole bookshelf and walked out completely unnoticed. The Goodwill folk were feeling violated so they put her picture up for all to see on a board in their store.  I am astonished! I can't even...I mean how!

My mind was completely blown.  I had to do some more investigating.  Using my Photoshop skills, I was able to zoom in on this grainy surveillance photo and this was revealed:

In all seriousness though, how can this woman sit in her home and look at that bookshelf and be proud?  It probably cost less than $10 to purchase said item from this Goodwill store. Let's not forget that Goodwill is a charity.  I just can't imagine how this woman can walk by this piece of furniture knowing how it ended up in her home.  Shame bookshelf thief...I hope you get incurable crabs.

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